Mother in Law Trying to Name Baby

Thank you my love! Lol I`ve given her a few names I know she hates, so maybe, just for her to, I`ll be adamant about giving her the same horrible name if she asks! This is not your only alternative. There are a host of other ways to name your baby after someone whose name you don`t like. But choosing a similar alternative can appease your family member. At least enough for them to stop harassing you. In the end, the mother revealed that she had been forced to make a different choice for the name, but said, “Raphael will be the middle name.” “MIL doesn`t talk to her brother (or any other side of the family) and said we couldn`t use it because it would make her uncomfortable. There is another name with the same nickname that we can use, but it is nowhere near as beautiful. To be clear; his brother didn`t do anything wrong / I met him, he`s a nice man. The mother of two added: “I don`t want to be a D*** and I don`t want to go to war about it, but I`m also kind of like the baby will be known by a nickname anyway, it`s just for a nice formal name, and does she really have the right to do it?! I wouldn`t mind if she had always been loving and supportive. It conveys the message that you no longer accept baby name suggestions, kthanksbye. Although Hedda Garbled thought, “In these particular circumstances, I would say it was unnecessarily provocative to use her brother`s name.” It`s super cute! Congratulations to your little girl! I have the strong feeling of having a daughter. My MIL has already made my marriage about him, so I just want it to be special and private between me and my husband.

At least until the third trimester! I`m so early in my pregnancy right now, it`s just crazy that it`s haunting me because of a name you already know? If your family members think you`re still undecided, they`ll keep up the pressure, hoping you`ll give in and choose whatever name they want. But if they know you`re firm in your choice of name, they`re more likely to give up their insistence. It`s hard enough to name your baby without people joining (loudly) from all sides, but for some parents-to-be, that`s exactly what happens. But if you prefer to have a reason ready, you can always say that you have always firmly believed that you should not name a baby before meeting him. Another Redditor, who wrote under u/Special_Koala_1093, shared: “It`s great that you had a great relationship with your late husband`s mother. It doesn`t change the fact that your kids have no connection to Michael. That would be unfair to your husband and child. Dear Amy, I am a companion of suffering of a “monster in in-laws”. I realized that since I can`t change my mother-in-law, I might as well find humor with my situation. Her husband suggested “Caleb,” but she wasn`t on board. And after settling for the alternative options, she changed her mind again after realizing that “DS2`s name ends with an `el`, for example Daniel. Does this mean that he collided with Raphael? The name Raphael was listed at number 514, Caleb was very popular at number 56, while Rafferty was not in the top 1,000.

If she wants to call your baby “Skipper,” you can say, “You can call the baby whatever you want, even if it can be uncomfortable if that`s not her name. If Abbott isn`t your thing, you can try another name with the same meaning as Coen; Both mean “priest.” Or that you promised your childhood best friend (dying great-grandmother? most influential high school teacher?) that you would name your baby after them. Yes, don`t share it until it`s registered with the state/province and let them know you won`t discuss it further. She must give her children a name so that she can retire while you call yours!!! Dear Amy: I had a similar situation with my father-in-law. He absolutely refused to call my daughter by the beautiful name my husband and I had chosen, and instead invented a European nickname that, if abbreviated, would mean “ham.” While Aderyn21 simply said, “I would use the name I liked.” Maybe your husband`s grandmother just can`t bring herself to accept that your daughter`s name will be Luna if she really (really, really) pushed for Dorothy. I would give a fake name that she hates and I would push it to be. I know anger. Maybe you just listen to the names and say, maybe you do whatever you want. You are the one who signs the papers, and you are the mother.

Wait a moment. While clarifying: “We can`t do Rafe because our last name starts with an F and the two together do NOT sound good (totally clogged). My NDE was the same as our first one and I know she didn`t like the name we called our oldest. She wanted Tinsley so badly – it`s a nice name, but it reminds me of Tinsel every time I hear it, and I didn`t like it as much as the name we chose – Adrianne (A-dree-Anne). Adrianne is now 5 years old and this is our 3rd baby and she practically gave him a break, so I hope this happens to you:) I`m sorry you`re passing by, but you and your husband are doing what`s best for you! But as the names fell, things took a confrontational turn. “I tried to make him understand that even though I love and miss Michael, this chapter of my life is over, and I feel like it`s disrespectful to John to insist on naming one of his children after another man,” the OP noted. “At first, John said he would be fine if that`s what I wanted. But eventually, he admitted he was uncomfortable with the idea. She posted her dilemma on the website, saying, “I`m pregnant with #3.

Used all the baby names we like for boys on the first 2 (usually [emoji]). There`s one name I absolutely love, but it`s DH`s uncle`s name. Dear Amy: “Angry” brought back so many memories. My mother-in-law was also an arrogant interference with a bad reputation in the city. Your advice was good, Amy, but this couple should do what we did: move 1,000 miles away. The PO believes that her late husband would not have wanted it either. “There are better ways to remember him than to name a child who will never have a real connection to him,” she said. And yet, his former NDE “didn`t want to hear it” – and even threatened never to speak to the PO again. Dear angry: Every time your mother-in-law successfully teases you, she lights a little spark inside you.

Then you`ve oxygenated the spark by reacting to them — or fighting with your husband — and before you know it, you`re on fire (and you`ve had their day). If you let yourself be pushed to choose a name you don`t like, you might regret a lifetime simply because you wanted to avoid some awkwardness. Are you looking for a name that you will like (regardless of other people`s opinions)? Discover the thousands of names in the Scary Mommy Baby Name database! A pregnant woman smoked after her mother-in-law essentially vetoed her favorite baby name. While the mother did not specify where she lives, the 2020 name census website shows that Liam was the most popular boy`s name. u/M-Otusim wrote: “We all grieve differently. It`s up to your child to name it, and if you don`t want to tell them, don`t do it. Tell your child what you and your current OS think is right. Your NDE is a god because you gave yourself this ultimatum. However, it hurts a lot, burying your child is one of the worst things in the world, if not the worst. It`s up to you whether you want to give him a passport to be an asshole instead of just breaking the connection yourself. It`s not an easy decision. You don`t owe anyone an explanation for your decision to keep your baby`s name private (or your choice of baby name in general): PERIOD.

When the OP learned she was expecting, she shared the happy news with her former MIL, who was “ecstatic, joking about being a `bonus grandmother` and asking to help her plan the sex reveal party and baby shower.” No one in my family liked the name we chose for our maiden name, and everyone kept throwing different names, but we were engaged and didn`t care what people thought. We found out only a few days ago that we have a daughter and now everyone is excited and calling her by name. I didn`t think much about where I let my husband bother me, I liked both and I don`t think other people`s options matter. As long as you don`t mind, encourage her to choose a nickname she will call your little girl: Lovey or Peanut or Sunshine or something like that. That way, she doesn`t have to tell him the name she doesn`t like, and all you have to do is an occasional nickname — not a constant reminder in everyday conversation and on every document. In the end, it comes down to this: even if they don`t like your choice of baby name, they`ll get over it. And your sweet baby will have grandma, grandfather, aunt or uncle wrapped around his little finger faster than they can say, “Your name should have been Matilda.” Instead of allowing it to create discord, focus on removing its access to combustible materials.

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