Malaysia Mask Rules

Malaysia lifted its requirement to wear masks indoors on Wednesday (7 September), with local owners allowed to decide whether to impose their own face mask requirements. People at high risk, sick or symptomatic people, and those who interact with vulnerable groups are also encouraged to maintain their masks. The Ministry of Health has listed buses, planes, trains, school and worker cars, taxis, as well as e-hailing services as public transport that have not yet been masked. Mr Fikri Fazri, manager of a popular steakhouse restaurant, said: “We know how tired of masking themselves. So we`re not going to impose anything on someone who doesn`t want to wear one. Although wearing masks is now optional, Khairy also said it is highly recommended to practice wearing masks indoors in crowded places such as night markets, shopping malls, stadiums and places of worship. The ministry added that it “strongly encourages” face masks in crowded areas such as markets, stadiums, shopping malls and places of worship. “I contracted Covid-19 earlier this year from a friend who didn`t take wearing face masks and self-tests seriously, so I`m a little cautious,” she said. KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysia has lifted its mask requirement for indoor spaces, with the exception of people on public transport and in medical facilities, as well as people who test positive for Covid-19. Malaysia abolished outdoor mask wearing from May this year, but continues to require it indoors and on public transport.

“We have different sections for both groups, and since it is optional to wear a face mask, we decided to disinfect more frequently than before (the implementation). We used to disinfect every four to six hours, but now it`s every two hours. If we are not too busy, we will do more, especially in the area where face masks are not needed,” she said. KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysia`s waiver of its requirement to wear face masks starting last Wednesday has been widely welcomed, especially by companies who hope the easing of rules will draw the masses into retail spaces, sports centers and restaurants. According to Bloomberg, “landlords such as malls, shops or restaurants can still enforce rules that require visitors to mask up,” Khairy added. 7. September 2022 (Wednesday), wearing a mask has become optional in most indoor spaces in Malaysia. Keep in mind, however, that according to KKM, space owners can determine whether visitors are required to wear a face mask in their facilities. “Face masks indoors will now be optional,” Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said, adding that masks will continue to be mandatory for COVID-19 cases, as well as on public transport and health facilities. Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said Wednesday that the government would leave it up to the owners of the premises to decide whether to abolish the wearing of masks. Since September 7, 2022, Malaysia has lifted its rule on wearing masks indoors. Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin announced that from now on, the use of face masks will only be mandatory in hospitals, medical facilities and public transport such as buses, trains, planes, taxis and e-hailing vehicles.

Owners can decide whether or not to impose their own mask obligation. The public is still advised to maintain their masks as it stops the spread of COVID-19, the Health Ministry said in a statement. The Minister of Health said that although wearing masks indoors is no longer mandatory, owners of the premises could decide on the obligation to wear a mask on their premises, for example by making them mandatory or optional. The owner of the sports centre, Irwan Mazlan, said: “Previously, we received a lot of feedback that it was impossible to keep their masks on our premises, especially right after training or matches. When the government announced this a week ago, we were very pleased about it. Owners can mandate the use of face masks on their premises, authorities said. But not everyone is comfortable with the idea of becoming maskless. Malaysia has ended most virus-related rules, including restrictions on gatherings and testing for travelers arriving as part of its strategy to live with Covid. Wearing a mask in open outdoor spaces will be optional from May 1.

In May, the country lifted the requirement to wear masks in outdoor spaces, including entry into public spaces, regardless of vaccination status. Today, wearing face masks for the public indoors and outdoors is completely optional. Although the use of masks is now optional in many indoor spaces, Khairy still encouraged the public to continue wearing them, as it has been shown to interrupt transmission. The Ministry of Health also strongly recommends the use of face masks in the following situations: “As it stands, it is hard enough to know who has Covid-19, and now anyone can simply walk around without a face mask. KUALA LUMPUR, April 27 (Reuters) – Malaysia will ease new COVID-19 restrictions from early next month, including lifting restrictions on people unvaccinated against the coronavirus and removing the requirement to wear masks outdoors, the health minister said.

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