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1.1 Understanding the VCE Legal Studies Course 1.2 Preparing for Success in VCE Legal Studies 1.3 Tips for Success in Assessment Tasks 1.4 Mastery of Legal Citation 1.5 Career in Law 2.1 An overview of the Australian legal system 2.2 Criminal and Civil Law 2.3 The Importance of the Rule of Law Hello, I am doing the same thing. Apparently, you can`t buy the manual directly through edrolo – I tried. Instead, I was asked to discuss it with a vice-principal or coordinator, as the school must subscribe to the textbook in order for edrolo to make it available. I would suggest talking to one of the above people, good luck! Our textbook collection supports students at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE). Use this guide to find copies of textbooks and learning resources for your classrooms. Respected authors and Oxford`s award-winning publishing team have updated legal studies for VCE 1&2 Access & Justice 14E units and Justice & Outcomes 15E units 3&4 to incorporate thematic content, including coverage of current case studies and legal reforms. The series has been completely revamped and offers a number of additional innovative features that put more emphasis on exams and exam preparation. Legal Studies for VCE combines accessible language with unparalleled depth and extensibility across a range of print and digital resources. She currently works as a lawyer and works primarily in the areas of commercial litigation and insolvency.

Prior to working as a lawyer, Lisa taught law and business management at Melbourne Girls Grammar and was also a Grade 10 coordinator. Lisa has held several roles, including exam development, assessment and curriculum development, and participated in the re-accreditation of the VCE Legal Studies course in 2009-2010 and 2016-2017. Annie Wilson is an experienced VCE Legal Studies and Business teacher who has been passionate about teaching and developing teaching materials for over 30 years. She is the author of numerous textbooks and has prepared a number of teaching and learning resources for various publishers and trade associations, including the Victorian Commercial Teachers Association (VCTA). Annie currently teaches at Camberwell Girls Grammar School and is actively involved in VCE Legal Studies Teacher Professional Development and Student Review Conferences. Peter Farrar has been teaching VCE Legal Studies for over 25 years. He is passionate about learning and teaching and is highly qualified in developing a range of learning materials to meet the needs of a variety of students. During his career, he is the author of more than 20 books and has also held numerous leadership positions. Peter is actively involved with the VCTA and has been a regular anchor at Comview since 1992. He currently teaches at Star of the Sea College. Margaret Beazer studied law in Victoria for many years.

She has been writing legal textbooks since 1990 and running her own publishing house for many years. Prior to publishing and writing, Margaret taught law at Monash High School and Trinity Grammar School. worked on curriculum development for the study committee at the time; and was a state examiner in legal studies for over 20 years. Josie Gray has 30 years of experience planning and delivering academic and vocational education and training programs. She has taught business and legal subjects to school-age and adult learners. Josie taught VCE legal studies for many years before working for 10 years as an assistant principal in the Victorian public school sector and as an educator in the vocational education and training sector, leading law-related units. She currently works in the Victorian public sector, where she designs, delivers and advises professional development programmes in the education sector. 14.1 Introduction to the Courts 14.2 The Role of the Courts in Law-Making 14.3 Interpretation of the Act 14.4 Factors Influencing the Ability of Courts to Legislate – The Doctrine of Precedent 14.5 Factors Influencing the Ability of Courts to Legislate – Judicial Conservatism 14.6 Factors Affecting the Ability of Courts to Legislate – Legal Activism 14.7 Factors, that affect the ability of courts to legislate – cost and time Introduce an action 14.8 Factors Influencing the Tribunals` Capacity to Administer Justice – The Capacity Requirement 14.9 The Relationship Between the Courts and Parliament in Law-Making Chapter 14 Review I have exactly the same question! I`m thinking of just buying a used copy of Gumtree Lisa Filippin, Annie Wilson, Peter Farrar, Margaret Beazer, Josie Gray. 11.1 Introduction to Parliamentary Legislative Control 11.2 The Bicameral Structure of the Commonwealth Parliament 11.3 Distribution of exclusive legislative and judicial powers 11.4 Explicit protection of rights 11.5 The Role of the Supreme Court in Interpreting the Australian Constitution 11.6 The requirement for a double majority in a referendum Revision under Chapter 11.

13.1 The Role of Parliamentary Chambers 13.2 The Representative Character of Parliament 13.3 Political Pressures 13.4 Limits of Legislative Powers Chapter 13 Review 5.1 Cost Drivers 5.2 Time Factors 5.3 Cultural Factors 5.4 Recent Reforms 5.5 Recommendations for Reform Chapter 5 Review Unmatched digital support New digital features include new video content and innovative notebook features that allow teachers to monitor and report on student progress. Full digital support for students and teachers is provided on obook assess, including answers, worksheets, assessment quizzes, chapter summaries, course planners, printable and editable course notes, practice exams and SAC with answers and more. A path to success for every student A number of enhanced chapter features give students of all abilities the best chance of succeeding in VCE legal studies. Key features include: Photo by Ron Lach used under a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. Enter your keywords below and select “Manuals” from the drop-down menu. 10.1 Introduction to the Australian Constitution 10.2 The Role of the Commonwealth Parliament in Legislation 10.3 The Role of the Parliament of Victoria in Legislation 10.4 The Role of the Crown in Legislation 10.5 Division of Constitutional Legislative Powers 10.6 Section 109 of the Australian Constitution Chapter 10 Review 3.1 Introduction to the Criminal Justice System 3.2 Principles of Justice 3.3 Key concepts of the Victorian criminal justice system 3. 4 The Rights of the Accused 3.5 The Rights of Victims Chapter 3 Review. Legal Studies for VCE Units 1 & 2 Student Book + obook assessment 9.1 The Historical Development of the British Parliament 9.2 The Federation of Australia 9.3 Parliaments in Australia 9.4 The importance of the rule of law. The guide also includes specific curriculum links for grade and subject matter to support lesson planning. 15.1 Reasons for Legislative Reform 15.2 Persons influencing legislative reform through petitions 15.3 Persons influencing legislative reform through protests 15.4 Persons influencing legislative reform through the courts 15.5 The Role of the Media in Law Reform 15.6 Victoria Law Reform Commission 15.7 Parliamentary Committees 15.8 Royal Commissions 15.9 The capacity of Parliament and the courts to: Addressing the Need for Legislative Reform 12.1 High Court Cases and Articles 7 and 24 of the Constitution 12.2 Protection of the Australian Constitution – 1999 Referendum 12.3 Protection of the Australian Constitution – 1967 Referendum 12.4 The Supreme Court and the Division of Legislative Powers 12.5 Interpretation of Foreign Policy Powers Chapter 12 Review.

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