Legal Pet Birds List in India

Doves are curious, energetic and charming birds from Africa. Although they are small, they belong to the parrot family. They are named after the close ties they form with each other. Because of their desire to bond in this way, it is best to keep them as pets in pairs. There are nine types of turtle doves, including “eye ring” species that have a white ring around the eyes (such as black masked doves and angler doves), and those without an eye ring, such as peach-faced doves. Like all birds, finches need stimulation. Provide lots of fun toys for your winged friends to play with. Canary pompom toys are often a big hit with these little birds. You must also provide perches. These birds are very active and need plenty of space to play with lots of toys for at least 2 hours a day in order to maintain their physical and mental health. Although breeding is not technically prohibited, you will need a license and the right documents to legally breed parrots.

People often think twice before buying a pet bird in India because few of them are legal. In this article, we have listed all the birds that are legally allowed to be kept in India and they are also completely legal in India, making it an extremely popular parrot for locals. You may have seen people keeping parrots as pets, but it`s illegal. In addition, the containment of Indian birds is not permitted, as they are classified as wildlife species under the Wildlife Act. Give your cockatiel the largest habitat possible. The minimum habitat size of a cockatiel is approximately 24 in. W x 24 in. D x 30 in.

H, with metal rods spaced no more than 1/2 inch, preventing birds from escaping or getting stuck. Commercially available habitats are usually made with stainless steel rods (with or without a non-toxic coating). Habitats grown at home or those made of wood or galvanized wire are not recommended because birds can chew them and ingest potentially toxic chemicals. If you can spend a little more time with them and like parrots (keeping parrots is illegal), then you may want to consider keeping cockatiels or budgies. These birds are calm, friendly and easy to discipline when young. When it comes to popular parrot species, gray parrots are certainly at the top of the list. Canary IslandsThey take their name from their birthplace, which was in the Canary Islands and Madeira. They belong to the finch family. They are beautiful and friendly little birds that can be easily trained. The ancestors of these birds were in captivity until the 17th century.

Perhaps it was their beauty that melted the hearts of their captors, and today they are available everywhere in different colors and sizes. They are social birds, so keep them in pairs or you can also keep them with other birds in your aviary. But they also don`t mind living alone. They will be an ideal companion for you. In India, people have been prone to birds for a very long time. Birds are very popular as pets in India. They are enchanting, interactive, intelligent, friendly – so very appropriate as companions. There are other mutations such as emerald, cream face, pastel face, white face and yellow-cheeked cockatiels. Little or no exercise can cause fatty liver disease in these birds. Hyacinth macaws, also known as “gentle giants”, are the largest parrots on our planet. They are social and friendly.

These large birds love to be in the company of their owner and enjoy spending time playing games and other activities. Because they are large, they may not be an ideal option for people living in small apartments, but if space is not a limitation, these birds can be ideal pets. The Wildlife Protection Act states that it is illegal to keep wild birds as pets. Anyone who cares for these birds must release them into forests, parks, lakes or hand them over to the forestry office. They are very noisy and therefore cannot stay in the apartment as they can be a nuisance to the neighbors. Although they pinch a little at a young age, they are very gentle birds that develop from this habit. Native to the African continent, turtle doves are also known as pocket parrots. They are very active, charming, loving, curious, playful and lively. You can form a great bond with lovebirds. But you need to tame them properly, otherwise they can be aggressive. Love birds are small and have a blunt tail. You can get a pair of turtle doves of different colors such as green, peach, white and teal.

CARE OF ORPHANED NATIVE BIRDS Dr. Madhvee Dhairykar, Dr. Shobha Jawre, Dr. Nidhi Rajput School of Wildlife Forensics and Health, Nanaji Deshmukh Veterinary Science University, Jabalpur There is nothing in which birds differ […] Budgerigars are very gentle and docile birds and can be treated well if adopted at a young age. He must have metal bars spaced 1/2 to 3/4 inch apart with several perches of different sizes to keep his feet healthy. The more birds the size of the cage should be. Parrots make adorable and affectionate pets. These little birds need attention and time. You`ll be surprised at how these tiny creatures have a personality all their own.

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